Leiby's Restaurant
Rt. 309
South Tamaqua







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 Leiby's is located at the corner of Routes 309 and 443 
in South Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. 

If you're from East Central PA, but have never been to Leiby's and are not sure where we're located, please take the time to look at the maps below.

Then the next time you're in the area, you'll know just where to stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or the best ice cream cones and desserts in the area. 


leibys sign1.JPG (82329 bytes)
Also, here is a picture of Leiby's landmark sign on Route 309, 
so you'll know when you've found us.

entrance sign2.JPG (125644 bytes) 
From Route 443
You Will See This Entrance Sign.

The maps below are from Mapquest (www.mapquest.com). In addition to generating maps of any area you choose at any zoom level, Mapquest will generate directions from any place to any other place! If you're not sure about how to get to Leiby's (or anywhere else on earth) this is a very handy tool. Check it out!

We Hope To See You Soon!

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